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Cavs vs GSW III

The inevitable has happened – Cavs vs GSW in the NBA Finals.

We’ll FINALLY find out which of these two super teams is the best super team!



Westbrook OKC’s New Franchise

Russell Westbrook is now OKC Thunder’s new franchise player by agreeing to a $85 million extension.


The Franchise – Dirk, KD and DWade

What is a franchise player? In professional sports, it is a player with superior talent whom the management deems rightful to build around on with complementary players to come up with a competitive team.


72 > 73

In 2016, a championship team emerged to challenge the hallowed record of the Bulls. A team that had great jump shooting long-distance shooters, great teamwork, great defense, high powered offense, lots of swag and they played with a frantic pace only few teams could contend with.