Give Us Today Our Daily Milk – God’s Word Today & Thoughts to Ponder

God’s Word Today:

Matthew 6:11 NCV

Give us the food we need for each day.

Thoughts to Ponder:

One late evening, we realized that our baby Daniel just finished his last carton of powdered milk. And so, like always, I headed straight to the nearest mini-mart.

On the shelf were 4 cartons of powdered milk. The first 2 were natural flavored with slightly damaged cartons. Upon seeing this, I turned to the other 2 at the back. They were in good condition and in yummy vanilla flavor!

I got one and placed it on the checkout counter. After the cashier used his laser code reader, he told me that I can’t buy it as he discussed with another attendant.

Confused as I’ve always bought this brand and flavor, I asked them if there was a problem?

It turns out that they’ve electronically tagged priced this specific brand and flavor for only 1 baht. They don’t want me to buy it, because they think it was an error.

And because I really wanted this specific carton and flavor, I told them I’d pay for the normal price. I got another carton to check the price…it was still priced 1 baht. 

They insisted that I get one of the damaged cartons instead. I refused and again offered to pay the normal price.

After making a call to their main office, they came back and told me buy the 2 cartons for only 2 baht. Surprised I once again offered pay for the normal price, but they said that their superiors told them to give me both cartons for the price of 2 baht.

As I walked home, it dawned on me that I may have just bought the cheapest 2 cartons of powdered milk in my life.

Daniel’s prayer might have been, give me today my daily milk…and surely enough God did for only 2 baht!

Dear Father,

Thank you for reminding us in a mysterious (and awesome) way about Your lasting providence in our lives. 

Praises be to You.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

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