A Drug Lord Surrenders

Franz Sabalones, whom the police tagged as one of the biggest drug lords in Central Visayas, surrenders to PNP chief Dir. Gen. Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa. JULLIANE LOVE DE JESUS/INQUIRER.net

(This is an opinion on the article Top Cebu drug lord surrenders to Bato by Julliane Love De Jesus for Inquirer.net on August 8, 2016.)

Franz Sabalones, the second biggest drug lord in Cebu (next to slain kingpin Jeffrey “Jaguar” Diaz), surrendered to Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Dir. Gen. Ronald “Bato” De la Rosa on Sunday night.

Claiming a case of mistaken identity, he came with his brother – Vice Mayor Fralzs Sabalones (a letter makes a big difference) of San Fernando, Cebu. The Vice Mayor is on Duterte’s list of “narcopoliticians.”

He’s the first major drug lord who publicly (peacefully) surrendered. He came clean in his involvement in the illicit trade. He further stated his intent:

The Sabalones brothers went to Camp Crame on Monday morning—Franz to admit his being a drug lord and Fralz to clear his name.

“Gusto ko nang magbago (I want to change my ways),” Franz said when De la Rosa asked what made him surrender to the police.

In doing so, Franz carries vital information on jailed drug lords directing operations from New Bilibid Prison (NBP) and how the multi-million illegal trade is being carried out. All relevant to suppress the prevalence of this menace.

Bato added his opinion on the unexpected surrender;

“Kung hindi siya magbago, mapapatay talaga ito. Ngayong nag-surrender ka, magbago ka na ha? (If he won’t change, he’ll get killed. Now that you’ve surrendered, change already, okay?)” the police chief told Franz during his meeting with other local officials on Duterte’s list. 

One of the best stories, I’ve seen and heard, so far that brings a positive light to the war raging on in our mother land – The Philippines.

There is a chance for change to happen in a not so bloody manner (no bullets and coffins needed). Change indeed begins individually!

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