A 1000 Miles, If I Could Just See You…

Alexander Pieter Cirk waited for 10 straight days inside a Chinese airport for a woman he met online. Screen Grab from Weibo

(This is an opinion on the article Man waits 10 days in airport for girl he met online by Khristian Ibarrola for inquirer.net on August 4, 2016.)

Alexander Pieter Cirk traveled across the globe (Holland to Hunan, China) to meet the girl of his dreams, but she never showed up. He waited for her in the airport for 10 days (love is patient as they say).

After chatting online for 2 months, the Dutchman and the Chinese woman known as Zhang decided to meet for the first time at Changsha Huanghua International Airport.

As reported:

Upon his arrival, Cirk patiently waited for his online lover to show up, but she never did. The love-stricken man stayed in the airport for 10 days, and made himself comfortable by lounging in the facility’s waiting area.

Airport personnel soon took notice of Cirk’s predicament, but he was reportedly reluctant to leave the airport for fear of missing out on the woman he met on a dating app.

Officials only managed to remove him from his spot after he grew weak and had to be hospitalized due to physical exhaustion. The jilted Dutchman was reportedly discharged on Monday (Tuesday in Manila) and has since returned home to Holland.

Ms. Zhang later on aired her side through the Chinese media citing miscommunication and not taking his actions seriously (on his trip to meet her). Further adding, she was having plastic surgery in another province and turned her mobile phone off during Cirk’s arrival in the airport (love fool?).

But it seems the romance continues:

Despite the heartbreak and exhaustion, Cirk and Zhang have reportedly mended their relationship and continued talking online once more.

The pair plans to meet after they’ve both recovered.

We’ll just have to wait and see how this fit-for-TV series story unfolds, a happy ever after perhaps?!

Hopefully, may forever!

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