The Promise of Love – God’s Word Today & Thoughts to Ponder

10 years ago…

God’s Word Today:

Romans 12:9 NCV

Your love must be real. Hate what is evil, and hold on to what is good.

Thoughts to Ponder:

As she walked down the aisle of the church, it seemed time stopped. I was looking at her while listening to the song (sung by my uncle), “Ngayon At Kailanman (Now and Forever).

It felt surreal, like a dream.

I met her back in May 2003 and never let her go.

Fast-forward to 2017, it has been 10 years since we’ve made those solemn vows. Our union blessed us with 3 lovely kids and tons of wonderful and bitter experiences along the way.

“Marital bliss” has always be used to describe marriage. In reality, being married isn’t always about romance and sweet things. We’ve had our share of ups and downs, health and sickness, peace and war (serious and hilarious ones), thoughtfulness and selfishness, love and hate. And through all those times God has been there to remind us what our promises in the altar were all about.

Our text today clearly reminds us for our love to be real we should take out evil and hold on to only the good.

How do we do that?

We should realize every day that our vows were not about us, it’s really all about the love God has given. It’s all about the relationship between the groom, the bride, and God.

As I recall our wedding day and our 10 years of marriage, I can hear still hear the words that rang out as she walked down the aisle towards me…

Ngayon at kailanman, Sumpa ko’y iibigin ka, Ngayon at kailanman (Now and forever, I promise to love you, now and forever)….

Dahil kaya sa ‘yo ng maitadhanang, Ako’y isilang sa mundo (You’re the reason why I was destined to be born in this world)…

Bakit labis kitang mahal, Pangalawa sa Maykapal, Higit sa ‘king buhay (Why do I love you, second to God more than my life?)…

Sa bawat araw ang pag-ibig ko sa ‘yo liyag, Lalong tumatamis, tumitingkad (In everyday my love is pure; more sweeter and vibrant)…


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