Mommy Ellen’s Days – God’s Word Today & Thoughts to Ponder

My Mommy Ellen – Photo screen grab from Norlin Cadapan’s Facebook account

God’s Word Today:

Psalm 90:12 NCV

Teach us how short our lives really are so that we may be wise.

Thoughts to Ponder:

In June of 2016, Mommy Ellen went through surgery to remove a brain tumor.

Prayers were sent for its success and her full recovery. A month after that we found out that it’s just the beginning of her battle with cancer.

Until that point, every year she would take an extensive check-up but it never yielded clues of this dreaded disease.

Upon learning that she has cancer, I realized that I rarely called my parents. I would probably call once or twice a month, while my siblings would call them every week.

During the months of June to December of 2016 I would often call or chat with them. In all our conversations, Mom would tell me of her plans for 2017.

  • A birthday celebration once again with Hannah
  • Visit us here in Bangkok again
  • To hold and take care of our new baby Daniel
  • To have a reunion with all of us including grandchildren and exchange vows once again with my Dad

Last December, me and my siblings were all there for her. But when I arrived she can’t converse any longer. I was sad to see her just sit and listen to my stories about my kids (her grandchildren). Clearly, I miss her voice and words of encouragement (she’s very good at it, makes you feel you can slay a dragon).


Early morning of March 20, 2017, Mommy rested peacefully in the Lord after hearing all our love and gratitude over the videophone.

She actually was able to accomplish more, in her well-lived life, than her aborted plans for 2017.

Once an insecure child, she excelled in almost anything she set her mind into.

  • An exchange student to USA in her teens
  • From secretary to educator to school administrator to educational director and later earning her doctoral degree in Educational Administration (we’re all proud to say, she’s the only doctor in our household)
  • A caring and disciplinarian of a mother to (for that we’re most thankful) four distinctly different children
  • A loving and ever-supportive wife to our Dad who is a minister (always together and truly are BFF – best friends forever)
  • A loving grandmother to her 9 grandchildren (and extended and adopted grandchildren)
  • A loving and accepting mother-in-law to her son-in-law and daughter-in-laws (she’s always telling others of her pride for having wonderful children-in-laws)
  • An evangelist, a writer (expert in MS Office publication as she would often remind us of her certificate for it), a song composer
  • She traveled around the world with Dad, of course
  • A positive influence to her students, colleagues and the women of any organization or place she was involved with
  • An adopted mother to many
  • A genuine and thoughtful friend to many (she’d share everything with you, even triumphs and hurts)

In seeing all of these, I’m happy to know that my mother understood of life’s brevity, and so she accomplished (and excelled) as much to bring back all the glory to the Giver of Life.

She was wise indeed.

Dear Father,

Though it pains us to see Mommy Ellen go, we would like to thank you for helping her through without much pain and suffering.

You have sustained her and gave her a lot of successes in life to show Your wonderful works and love.

Thank you for giving us all a chance to be touched by You through her.

Embrace us now Lord in our time of sorrow, as we continue to have faith to look forward to that resurrection morning to be reunited with her and You for all eternity.

All glory and praise be unto You Lord!

In Jesus Name, Amen.

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