A Calculating Pacman

Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao - Photo by AP

Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao – Photo by AP

(This is an opinion on the article Pacquiao: The legend grows by Abac Cordero for The Philippine Star on November 7, 2016.)

Senator Manny Pacqauio winning another welterweight belt yesterday is just amazing.

In fighting for years while ascending and winning in several weight divisions, Manny became a living legend of the sport. And yesterday, people are now starting to appreciate a more refined Pacman.

Pacman is older (by 10 years) than Vargas, and it was evident that he’s not the Manny of old. He doesn’t throw as many punches like before, but he has become more accurate (and still very fast).

Manny came to fight in a different manner this time around. He was calculating and was able to adapt on the fly unlike before.

Critics for years said Pacman finds it very hard to adjust during a course of a fight. Vargas being able to counter-punch with his overhead right and long arms prompted Manny to tweak his approach.

His knockouts are few in the past couple of fights, and probably the interest as well.

Seeing him dominate bigger men for years had something to do with the lack of appreciation for a more intelligent fight.

For me, I saw an older, wiser and calculating Pacquiao in full display for this fight. It was a mature and measured approach by using his immense experience (and deceptive speed) over the young stud.

This kind of performance (at an advance age) helps make the legend of Pacquiao grow even more.

Very soon the Pacman will finally hang up his gloves and call it (for real this time) a career. For us Pinoys, this would be the best time to appreciate the evolution of Manny from a brawler (of Blow-by-Blow TV lore) to one of the finest boxers in history.

Thank you for making us proud Senator Manny Pacquiao!

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