Where is the Love?

Cleveland Cavaliers'  Kevin Love Photo by AP

Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kevin Love Photo by AP

(This is an opinion on the article Emboldened by a championship, Kevin Love is bringing the attitude by Michael Lee for The Vertical as seen in sportsyahoo.com on October 3, 2016.)

Kevin Love finally won a championship in Cleveland (together with LeBron)!

It’s been 2 years since he was traded to Cleveland after being the man in Minnesota.

He’s been placed in the spotlight and tagged as a non-factor in the Cavs’ quest, and then it happened.

In the dying seconds of the title clinching game, Love defended and rebounded well. And he was there to make it difficult for Curry to pull a miracle 3!

At the final buzzer, who was the fist to embrace King James in winning a championship for Cleveland?

It was Kevin Love.

Will Love finally silence his critics after winning?

He is doubtful about it, but he’s willing to embrace it now! Knowing that he’s finally considered as a vital cog in the Cavs’ championship team, he’s backing it up with his new found confidence.

Even LeBron echoed that Kevin Love will bring in what he needs to bring to win (and hopefully that will not change soon).

Love is considered an elite player who does stuff that’s rarely noticed. He is probably a poor man’s version of Chris Bosh (who won 2 in Miami with LeBron) – willing to sacrifice offensive numbers to do other stuff for the W.

The key to make him work is appreciating his work-rate.

Too often in the past 2 seasons, he was the scapegoat of Cleveland fans and the media. He was even tagged as soft and a non-All-Star.

Unless current basketball fans accept that the game has gone back to being more team-oriented as opposed to being superstar-centered, they will not appreciate Love.

Kevin could care less, because he’s (finally) winning!

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