Pres. Duterte – 100 Days and Counting

President Rodrigo Duterte's First 100 days in office.  Photo by

President Rodrigo Duterte’s First 100 days in office. Photo by

(This is an opinion on the article Duterte’s first 100 days satisfactory despite some failures — analysts by Erwin Colcol for GMA News as seen in on October 8, 2016.)

Amidst several criticisms (local and abroad) President Rodrigo Duterte is at pace to deliver change.

A few political and law analysts are in agreement that Duterte’s 100 days have been satisfactory. It’s the same belief by most Filipinos based on the high survey ratings (76%) received by the current administration.

Even though I do agree that there are things still moving slowly (telecoms and traffic, of course), we shouldn’t readily accept band-aid solutions. We need a lot of hard work and cooperation (from everyone) to achieve all sustainable long-term goals.

Inclusive gains by our country requires inclusive exchange of ideas and teamwork in all levels of our society. This is what Rody is working on.

He’s pushing for our independence to be shoulder-to-shoulder with other progressive nations.

And he’s working to rid our streets of crime and illegal drugs.

Also looking to provide jobs and minimize poverty.

Rody’s looking out for all of us to have better lives.

Rody’s rallying all Filipinos to work for change – not to be satisfied by the work of only a few.

Yes, his mouth needs to be controlled at times (ok, a lot of times), but that’s not a hindrance in his performance to serve us (Pinoys) well.

By now, people shouldn’t be too hasty to say that Rody’s not doing his job.

And also, all of us shouldn’t be too focused on the latest Senate or Congress (entertaining) investigations.

Everyone should look around and ask instead, if we’re truly contributing to the solutions in improving our motherland?

Or are we contributors to the mess we’re still in?

In our own little way we can help Rody and his crew.

Scratch that, we are his crew – because we’re all Filipinos first and foremost!

The campaign period was 3 months ago, people!

Moving on and cooperating is key to the real change Rody was talking about, and there’s still a lot of work ahead of us.

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