Philippines Going Nuclear?

BNPP - File Photo

BNPP – File Photo

(This is an opinion on the article Government open to tapping nuclear power by Denessa Rivera for The Philippine Star on August 31, 2016.)

Mothballed and maintained for years, Bataan Nuclear Power Plant built during President Ferdinand Marcos time is now getting a second look.

In search of providing cheaper and cleaner electricity production our current Duterte administration would likely turn towards nuclear energy.

Our previous governments strongly opposed this project as we common people stumbled literally in darkness (cough, Cory Aquino).

They didn’t have an answer to the energy crisis for several years, and when they did it came at a high price (and population explosion).

Our country is considered to have one of the most expensive electricity costs in the region.

It’s too expensive that most of us can’t even afford air-conditioner in our own houses. Businesses can’t operate at full capacity because electric bills just @#$%^*!

Foreign investors always have second thoughts in doing business because it’s cheaper elsewhere.

But we have valid questions to consider:

Will the power plant be equipped in this modern era?

Are we capable of operating it?

Do we have the ability to deal with a melt-down?

Is the facility strong enough to withstand our natural disasters?

Definitely Philippines needs cheaper electricity to cope with the increasing demand of our modern society. Our country is rich in natural resources so alternative energy should be considered for our electric needs.

Yes, we need money to pursue alternative energy projects. But I bet it’s way cheaper in the long term than what we have in placed now.

Well let’s have enough of this talk about BNPP being a bad idea.

We need better ideas on how to maximize our country’s resources to be conducive for living and business.

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