Gentleness and Kindness – God’s Word Today & Thoughts To Ponder

An act of kindness goes viral.

God’s Word Today:

Philippians 4:5 NCV

Let everyone see that you are gentle and kind. The Lord is coming soon.

Thoughts to Ponder:

The Apostle Paul reminds us to “let everyone see that you are gentle and kind.” Why?

Is it only for show? Is it for others’ upliftment or yours? Is it for our own personal gain?

The last part of our text tells us, “The Lord is coming soon.” Upon reading this we now know the motive behind showing these traits to everyone. It is because as we tell others we are Christians and also people who are waiting for the 2nd coming of our Lord Jesus, we should also show how we are preparing ourselves and assisting in preparing others as well for this glorious event.

Let us then ask ourselves, are these traits seen in our family, our relationships, our workplace and in our church?

A person’s gentleness and kindness are often times only seen when we get the chance to pay attention to their ways and actions. There are times we miss the chance to see it because we might be looking the other way.

Our gentleness and kindness not only to a few but to everyone is needed daily for us to truly proclaim who our Lord is and that He indeed is coming soon!

Dear Father,

Help us everyday to reflect the gentleness and kindness of Jesus not only for others to see it, but for them to be aware who our Lord is and that we are preparing for He is coming soon.

May all glory be Yours always!

In Jesus Name, Amen.

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